Our two favorite things: stone-ground flour and, of course, our beagle Trudie

Find us at Troy's Farmers' Market on Friday Afternoons in the Park!

Farm to Market Grains

Est. 2015

Hello, all!  Here's what's new with Farm to Market Grains!

Summer is here and we are busier than ever!  With all the rain this spring it took some time before the water left the field, so planting's a little late, but crops are in and looking healthy!  We're expecting a great harvest!

We had a couple of field trips in the late spring and are looking forward to one in August where students will get to experience harvest firsthand with a ride in the combine as it cuts the grain.  Our farm and flour mill are always open to visitors with a little notice; we'd love to show you around!

We have recently expanded to the Super 1 store in Sandpoint!  You'll be able to find some of our best-selling products there including our Hard White bread flour, our Barley Flour, our Pancake Mix, and our Soft White flour (great for baking)!

This spring we invested in a new look for our five pound bags.  The same product you love in fresh packaging is definitely something you won't want to pass up!  As our old stock (and your cupboard supply) runs out, look for the new bags in stores today!

Our seasonal Berry Lemon Bread is available in select stores.  It's a great summer bake with sweet lemony flavor. We love it and we think you will too!

One last thing: on most Fridays during this summer you can find Julie at the Farmer's Market in Troy... come say hi!

Have a great summer,

~Tim & Julie

What's New with us?

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